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The one thing I know for sure about China, is that I will never know China. It’s too big, too old, too diverse, too deep. There’s simply not enough time. That’s for me the joy of China. Facing a learning curve that impossibly steep. The certain knowledge that even if I dedicated my life to learning about China, I’d die mostly ignorant.

Anthony Bourdain, in tonight’s CNN Parts Unknown episode about Shanghai (which imo is probably the best non-fiction TV being produced in the USA these days, his two Emmy’s and consistent quality putting the rest of those CNN bobbleheads to utter shame). Just about all Chinese people understand this overwhelming reality about the mind-boggling vastness of China, but few non-Chinese do, especially the self-proclaimed experts, Sinologists, and lovers of Asian culture. The first step in demonstrating a grasp of China: demonstrating a grasp that China is ungraspable.  (via zuky)

This show is honestly required TV. It bypasses so many of travel journalism’s pitfalls, especially about the place of the voyager as a documentarian. It’s really smart.

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Photographer Mourns the Death of His Friend, Offers a Glimpse Into South Korean Gang Life 

For The Best Days, photographer Yang Seung Woo returns from Japan to his hometown in South Korea, documenting his boyhood friends as a means of reconnecting with both the wonder and the trauma that shaped his young adulthood. By photographing the camaraderie shared between his surviving friends, Mr. Yang traces the memory of a dear high school friend who tragically hung himself after being convicted of murder, sent to prison, and becoming a flunky for the organized crime group Yakuza.

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  1. of all the times we forgot the storm
  2. sometimes we forgot the storm
  3. there were times we forgot the storm
  4. always we forgot the storm
  5. when we forgot the storm
  6. how we forgot the storm
  7. in forgetting the storm
  8. i have lost my name so many times inside of you
  9. lost so many times inside of you
  10. i survived more than i have loved.